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Welcome to the The View from 71 Stevenson Street.  It’s CCHI’s blog and will feature news items and our commentary on the latest trends in self-insured stop-loss.

The team of experts at CCHI will contribute articles to the blog covering topics like “How Obamacare Impacts Your Self-Insured Plan,” and “Five Things to Consider Before You Renew.”

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Small Groups Can Self-Fund Under New CCHI Plan

CCHI recently initiated a program to help small businesses (25-200 lives) make the transition from traditional insurance to a self-funded medical stop-loss plan. In addition to greater control and the possibility of premium savings, self-funding has distinct advantages under Obamacare. Find out more by calling us at 415-398-8985 or email us at

New Broker RFP Center

We’ve added a new feature to It’s the Broker RFP Center. You can find it by clicking on the link on our home page, or go through the Placement & Support page. Either way you’ll find information on Benefit Options for small groups, as well as a PDF that you can fill out and submit to us requesting a quote. Plus there’s an two-page mini-brochure outlining the advantages of self-funding in the Obamacare environment.