Our goal is to help our clients save on health insurance costs in every way we can. That can mean negotiating a "global buyout" (a one-time payment that caps the client's costs) with an insurer. It can mean consultation as to the most cost-efficient plan of care that maintains quality of care. Or it can take the form of an audit of claims already paid. In many cases we are able to realize significant savings for our clients.

CASE STUDY #1 Early Intervention. 35% Savings.

The Early Intervention Program helps CCHI clients take charge of the claims process before costs spiral out of control. That results in lower costs, better patient outcomes, happier employers, and longer-term business relationships. As an example, early intervention on a major catastrophic case for a CCHI client allowed us to negotiate a global buyout that resulted in 35% overall savings.

CASE STUDY #2 Global Buyout. 22% Savings.

An existing client had some problems regarding an employee's eligibility for benefits. We negotiated a global buyout to cover the cost of inpatient care on the claim which did not reach a specific deductible. Both the lifetime maximum benefit and continuity of care were maintained. The result was a 22% savings.

CASE STUDY #3 Claim Audit. 40% Savings.

When a Third Party Administrator advised us of overpayment on a claim CCHI took action. We audited the charges and identified quality of care issues. Taking that information to the insurer resulted in a refund to our client resulting in 40% savings.

For more information on how CCHI helps clients better manage their self-insured healthcare programs, increase positive patient outcomes, and contain healthcare costs, please give us a call or drop us an email.


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